The Poppogoblin was established in March 2009 and born out of a passion for fresh, vibrant food. After returning from a few years traveling Asia and Australia and finding it difficult to find a quick juice and Veggie lunch in our great wee City, I embarked on a mission to 'be the change..."!! In a wonderful stroke of Luck, amidst plaster and cement, I met David. We quickly set about creating a menu we were proud to offer on Alfred Street.

The Poppogoblin name creates some interest! It is the story of a child Goblin living with it's family in a place called Brackagh Moss, outside Portadown. The story, with many chapters and adventures, was told by my Father to my siblings and I when we were children. The stories, usually told at bedtime, featured my father and his trusty terrier dog meeting a goblin family, encouraging many a goblin search in the moss nearby!